Can you congratulate your team please. My team on ground wanted to express their thanks as this shows we have a very healthy working relationship.  Top work to all on site.

Joel Marsters
Works Supervisor

In reference to the recent concrete bridge works carried out within the Bunbury area, the Supervisor said that he was very happy with the services provided by Traffic Force. There were good team cohesion and communication especially at Koombana Drive where two additional TM personnel were posted as spotters on the pedestrian footpath.  Please pass this on to your members.

Greg Underhayes
Bridge Inspection Project Manager

I had the pleasure of being stopped on Menang Drive yesterday by one of your crew. The Traffic Controller was courteous, professional and very friendly. Letting me know what was going on, and roughly how long the wait would be. It was a brilliant example of how TC’s are the forefront of the business, and their attitude can strongly impact people’s reactions to being delayed in the first place. I hope that this TC is commended, as he was a great ambassador for both MRWA’s contractors and Traffic Force.

Member Of The Public

Can you please pass on our appreciation to the Traffic Controller onsite today for their professional approach and attitude while on our sites in the CBD. We have received some great feedback from our client while they were on site.

We are very pleased with how things are going, so thanks again to the whole Traffic Force Team.

Stephen Holdsworth
Lead Project Engineer

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for the fantastic effort they have all put in today to help with the road closure for tomorrow.

I am extremely impressed with the speed and professionalism of Traffic Force have displayed.

Philip Brugmans
Manager Mining