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Traffic Force provides a full range of traffic and visual equipment including Variable Message Signs, Portable Traffic Signals, Arrow Boards and Lighting Towers.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are trailer-mounted self-powered machines with inbuilt GPS tracking. Available in two sizes (A and C Class) and built to Australian Standards, VMS boards can be used for a range of traffic management or road projects. All VMS are 5 Colour LED with options to fit a radar unit for radar speed readout and radar data logging capabilities.

Portable Traffic Lights

Portable Traffic Lights are a safe and cost effective way to manage traffic at worksites. By using portable traffic lights on the road, you not only save on labour costs but more importantly you improve safety by removing employees off the road and away from live traffic areas.

Portable Traffic Light systems are an integral traffic management tool for use on road work sites or for event traffic control and management. With an easy to use remote controller, units are quick and easy to set up on site with manual or automatic operation. They are solar powered, trailer-mounted and have an operating range of up to 1.6 km line-of-sight (subject to environmental conditions).  The operational modes of the units include two way traffic, T intersection and 4 Way Intersection.

Arrow Boards

Trailer-mounted Arrow Boards are solar-powered and built to Australian Standards, as a Type C Arrow Board.  They can be used for traffic management on road projects as well as traffic diversion, accident management and directional information.  The Arrow Boards are very easy to operate using a simple control. There is an arrow-sequence mode available for all applications.