Corona Virus 19 (COVID19) Response

Like many around us, we have been faced with the unprecedented challenge of responding to the recent development of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Here at Traffic Force we have and will continue to respond as required to this ever evolving situation, so much so that we have opted to setup this dedicated web page outlining our measures and what we are doing.  We understand what we do today is likely to need to change and be adapted tomorrow and the next day.  Our dedicated web page will outline all of the comprehensive measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and community.

In line with our commitment to health and safety of our workplace and business continuity, Traffic Force is taking proactive and careful measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The health and safety of all our people is our top priority. We wish to express that this is not a time for panic, however, with good planning and communication as a team to ensure preparedness by all.

We have instigated a number of business-wide strategies designed to mitigate the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Here’s what you need to know (updated as of 20 April 2020):

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitisation products including antibacterial sprays and gels have been made available to all employees;
  • Dedicated cleaning stations have been setup at all workplaces for staff to use regularly during each shift and also equipment such as vehicles;
  • Increased cleaning standards across the business, reinforcement of infection controls and good personal hygiene;
  • Procurement of adequate supplies of PPE and medical supplies/consumables;
  • All non-essential domestic and international travel has been postponed indefinitely. Employees returning from overseas must self-isolate for 14 days on arrival;
  • Employees who have had direct/close contact with someone confirmed to have the virus, must self-isolate for 14 days from their last contact with that individual;
  • Self-quarantine for all employees and contractors with flu-like symptoms or who may have had COVID-19 contact;
  • Promotion and awareness of new social distancing measures.  Include modifications to office, common and meeting areas rooms to easily accommodate this practice;
  • Reduced face-to-face interaction and increased availability and use of video-conferencing facilities;
  • Office based employees are separated into designated areas to reduce interactions;
  • Work crews allocations regularly monitored and crews remaining together or minimal changes to roster patterns to reduce interactions;
  • Implementation of temperature testing of employees each day, at the start of work;
  • Implementation of a travel register and formal declaration by all employees regarding their travel movements in the previous 15 days;
  • A ‘Working From Home’ plan implemented for all staff possible, encouraging social distancing to help reduce risk and spread. There are some essential operations which cannot be fulfilled remotely, including operations and service teams;
  • Dedicated communications plan and appointed person to ensure incoming and outgoing key messages are received and distributed as required;
  • Dedicated in-house Emergency Management Team (EMT) working together which allows our remaining leadership team and employees to remain focused on day to day operations and continuity;
  • Daily video updates shared with our entire workforce via our dedicated online platform, providing developments across our business. This ensures our workforce are fully informed of evolving changes as they occur and can respond;
  • Ongoing use of our SMS alert system to assist communicating key messages to our workforce quickly and increasing our response times;
  • Revised plans related to visitor protocols at our workplaces.  Whilst we are open for business, our offices will be closed to any visitors. We are equipped to facilitate customer engagement via telephone and video conferencing facilities;
  • General wellbeing checks and monitoring of all employees to ensure at this difficult time they are provided and have support options available

These recommendations are being monitored regularly and the strategies are subject to change as new developments occur.

We are grateful to our team members who work tirelessly to do the best job possible under the circumstances, and we thank our customers for your understanding.

We know this time is challenging, I’m reminded that every obstacle we face is an opportunity for growth. We simply need to adapt, think creatively, and never stop digging deep to support our customers, employees and communities around us.

We hope you stay safe, healthy and calm throughout this period and know that you can continue to rely on Traffic Force to deliver a safe and high level of service.


Erin Studsor

P.S – Our teams have embraced a new motto here and we wanted to share it – #strongertogether