Traffic Planning

Traffic Planners Working 1Traffic Force can offer a comprehensive range of Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) and reports to meet all demands of customers and road authority bodies. We work closely and liaise with local and government authorities for a smooth transition from planning phase to construction.

Traffic Management Plans or commonly referred to as TMPs for roadwork sites provide a means of planning and implementing how all likely road users will be safely and efficiently guided through or past a roadworks site and ensure the network performance is not unduly impacted, for the duration of the works. TMPs are prepared in advance of the works being conducted and are generally subject to auditing before and after implementation.

Any party undertaking work on or near a road shall prepare a Traffic Management Plan that
adequately provides for the safety of workers and road users while maintaining an adequate level of service to road users. Traffic Management is the management of occupational safety and network performance risks associated with work activities undertaken in a traffic environment.

Traffic Force has a team of fully accredited Advanced Worksite Traffic Managers (AWTM) Traffic Planners. 

Our team can also assist with project communication requirements of the works area such as letter notifications, advance warning devices / signage or media advertising.